Is this normal-ish Michigan weather? | Michigan Radio

Is this normal-ish Michigan weather?

Apr 15, 2013

Why is it so cold this spring?

Jeff Masters, PhD, Director of Meterology at Weather Underground, tried to shed some light on our slow seasons.

1. The jet stream

"It's been stuck in a wintry pattern," Masters said. According to Masters, the jet stream has allowed cold air from Canada to funnel southward and hit us.

2. It's not in your head

This spring is cold. Masters said that the March temperatures from 2013 were in the coldest 1/3 of all Michigan Marches since the 1800s.

3. Is this normal?

This is the Midwest, after all. That being said, Masters has been a meteorologist for 30 years and has never seen such dramatic swings in Michigan weather.

4. When will it end?

Not this weekend, Masters said. Even though it's supposed to be in the 70s on Thursday, we may see a few snow flurries this weekend. Though the cold is less than desirable, "it sure beats having the fruit trees being frozen by the frost...and the drought of last summer isn't happening again."