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Nurses file charges against Traverse City hospital

Aug 29, 2018

Nurses have filed charges against one of Traverse City's largest hospitals.

The Michigan Nurses Association says Munson Medical Center is not operating in “good faith” during contract negotiations. Around 1,000 Munson nurses unionized last year.

James Walker is one of them and he says they unionized for a number of reasons.

“Ensuring that we have a stronger voice, that we can guarantee the highest quality of care for our patients, safe staffing ratios, things like that.”

Now, a year later, the nurses’ union says Munson leaders are stalling negotiations by refusing to talk about money and retaliating against staff members who support the union, which is illegal.

Rachel Roe is Vice President and General Counsel for Munson Healthcare.

“I’m confident that Munson Medical Center has acted within the law,” she said, “That is what we train our managers and that is what we communicate continually to our employees.”

The charges were filed with the National Labor Relations Board Tuesday.