Obamacare deadline is getting closer | Michigan Radio

Obamacare deadline is getting closer

Mar 4, 2014

Michiganders have less than four weeks to find a health insurance plan.

After March 31st, people who have not signed up for health insurance will have to pay a federal tax penalty.

Gia Carroll is a health navigator with the Hamilton Community Health Network in Genesee County.    She says money is a bigger issue than health care coverage for many people she works with.

“A lot of people are concerned about whether they are going to receive help with subsidies or if they are going to be responsible for paying this large premium, if they do have a large premium,” says Carroll.

Most of the more than 100,000 Michiganders who’ve used the Affordable Care Act website to get health insurance have qualified for tax credits to offset the cost.

It's unclear how many of the Michiganders signing up for Obamacare health plans lost their old insurance coverage when the new law took effect.