Obamacare needs fixes say supporters at Saginaw forum | Michigan Radio

Obamacare needs fixes say supporters at Saginaw forum

Aug 2, 2017

Michigan opponents of repealing the Affordable Care Act say now that the latest effort to repeal it has failed, it’s time to look at how to fix Obamacare's problems. 

Rising costs was a complaint raised by several people attending a forum on health care in Saginaw on Wednesday. 

Loretta Bush, the CEO of the Michigan Primary Care Association, was one of the forum’s panelists. She spent much of forum listening to people’s stories of escalating costs.

“Clearly, everyone recognizes the ACA is not a perfect bill,” Bush said after the forum at the Great Lakes Bay Health Center. “We need to go back and make some tweaks.” 

Bush says one focus should be on middle-class Michiganders who are getting “slammed” with rising health insurance rates. She says a “single payer” system should be part of that conversation.

But Bush and others also defended the ACA, saying it has improved health care options for millions of Americans.