Obamacare signup set to begin in Michigan on Tuesday | Michigan Radio

Obamacare signup set to begin in Michigan on Tuesday

Oct 30, 2016

Tuesday, Michiganders will start signing up for health insurance coverage under the next round of Obamacare.

Many will find fewer choices and more expensive policies to choose from.

Nearly 400,000 Michiganders got health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s online marketplace. But in Michigan, the next round of Obamacare is offering fewer choices and a nearly 17% increase in rates next year.

Kevin Griffis is with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Despite the recent negative news about Obamacare, Griffis says there is an added incentive for Michiganders to sign up.

“This will be the first year where people will be responsible for an enhanced tax penalty if they don’t get health insurance,” says Griffis, “so that may be an additional incentive to encourage people to come in and take a look at what options they have.”

Enrollment runs through the end of January.