Oil will soon be flowing through Enbridge's new pipeline in Michigan

Apr 7, 2014

By the end of the month, Enbridge’s new oil pipeline through Michigan may be in operation.

Enbridge has built a nearly 300 mile pipeline from Griffith, Indiana to Ortonville, Michigan.

The pipeline will eventually transport 500,000 barrels of oil a day or about twice as much as the pipeline it’s replacing.

This picture shows crews working on the new pipeline in southern Ingham County last year.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The old pipeline ruptured in 2010, spilling about a million gallons of Canadian Tar Sands Oil. The cleanup of the Kalamazoo River continues.

Jennifer Smith with Enbridge says, as they prep the new line, they are also deactivating the old Line 6B. That involves purging the pipeline of residual oil and filling it with inert gases, like nitrogen. The old pipeline will remain in the ground.