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Our most popular Stateside stories this year

Dec 28, 2015

Do you say Meijer or Meijer’s?

A lot of us have a real habit of adding that possessive "s" to a store or company’s name. Is it just a Michigan thing?

Is it art or just a mess? You had a few thoughts.

Carson Brown wants to make people think critically about what he calls the American landscape, and he’s not talking about mountains and vistas.

You told us 70 experiences every Michigander should have at least once

Did you make it through this list this year?

This essay from our Next Idea series generated a lot of discussion about the credit we give our teachers

Teaching matters. We know that it can make the difference between a child learning to read by third grade, being confident in math, and developing the mindset necessary for success. Yet skillful teaching is not commonplace, and it’s hurting our society.

Ever seen those “mushroom houses” in Charlevoix? Here’s the story of the man who built them

Earl Young found his muse in nature and channeled his artistic vision using massive glacial boulders, limestone, and fieldstone.