Panel considers recall petition language against Flint's mayor | Michigan Radio

Panel considers recall petition language against Flint's mayor

Nov 27, 2016

This week, the Genesee County Election Board  will decide whether to approve language for a recall petition against Flint mayor Karen Weaver.

Organizer Alex Harris has run recall efforts against two previous Flint mayors, Woodrow Stanley and Don Williamson. Stanley was recalled.  Williamson stepped down before a recall vote.

Harris himself has run unsuccessfully for seats on the Flint city council and school board.  

Harris says Weaver should be recalled because of her past support for a contract with a garbage company linked to a federal corruption investigation and other actions she’s taken since being elected a year ago.

“Her administration is riddled with corruption, incompetence and cronyism,” says Harris. “This is an administration that is completely self-serving and individuals trying to enrich themselves at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Weaver has declined comment on the recall petition push.

If the petition is approved and enough signatures are collected, the recall vote wouldn’t happen until probably next August.