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Personal trainer teaches clients to love their bodies

Feb 7, 2015

Laura Sprague is a personal trainer in Kalamazoo with a unique take on physical wellness. Her clients are aged 13-84 and she has worked with people who are obese, able-bodied, recovering from illnesses, or who are in wheelchairs.

Laura Sprague balances anywhere & everywhere. Seriously.
Credit Laura Sprague

When Sprague initially meets a client, she asks them to describe their relationship with their body. She finds the answers can be deeply revealing.

“Our bodies are the only thing we have from the moment we are born until the moment that we die," she says. "So taking care of them is the most important thing we can do because everything else depends upon it.”

Sprague has overcome plenty of struggles in her personal life to arrive at what she calls her own style of “body love.” Michigan Radio’s Kyle Norris asks her how she came to that perspective.

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