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Pictures of Michigan's "Snow Day"

Feb 2, 2015

More than a foot of snow fell on much of Michigan after a major winter storm that lasted around 28 hours.

To get a quick sense for how much snow fell and where it fell, MLive's Andrew Krietz created this map with data from the National Weather Service.  

The storm started on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Monday was a “snow day” across much of the state as schools and businesses closed for the day - even U of M had a snow day - a rare event. 

We've been having fun watching people's snow day pictures. You can see some above, and you can share your pictures below, on our Facebook page, or Tweet them with the hashtag #snowday<yourcity>.

Facebook fan Jake Weber sent us his time lapse video of the storm. Watch the snow build up on the ledge.