Pipeline linking Genesee Co. to Lake Huron nearly complete

Apr 10, 2016

Construction of the KWA water pipeline is just a few months of good weather away from being complete.

There are less than 8 miles of 60" diameter pipe to be laid in the KWA pipeline
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

On Friday, an excavator was digging a trench along a lonely stretch of road near Lapeer. One by one, 60-inch diameter pipes are dropped in the hole and the link to Lake Huron is extended.  

The 74-mile long pipeline will stretch from the shore of the lake to Genesee County.  There are less than eight miles of pipeline left to lay.

Jeff Wright is the Genesee County Drain Commissioner, as well as the chief executive officer of the Karegnondi Water Authority. 

“The weather that we’ve had over the last four or five weeks has slowed us down a little bit because the freeze, thaw, rain, snow and freeze thaw again,” says Wright.

Wright expects the KWA will finish on schedule and under budget in June or July.