Poetically Speaking: a series about Michigan poetry and poets

Apr 8, 2015

April is National Poetry Month.

Stateside celebrates National Poetry Month with a special month-long series on poetry in Michigan.

We'll be talking with Michigan poets about their new work, about poetry in the 21st century and about why poetry continues to inspire.

Tell us about your favorite poem and what it means to you.

Tell us your name, title of your favorite poem, and why this poem is important to you. If you feel inspired, feel free to recite the poem. 

CALL: (248) 962-3806 and leave a message. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Post to us on our Facebook  page or, if you're feeling pithy, tell us in 140-characters on Twitter (#poeticallyspeaking). 

Are you a Michigan poet? Do you have a new book or chapbook coming out? Get in touch with Stateside. Send an email to stateside@michiganradio.org.