Polarizing Politicians: Is a top-two primary the answer?

Oct 8, 2014

How would things change if, instead of the political system we have now, we moved to a "top-two" primary? In other words, one primary in which the top two candidates, regardless of party, move on to the general election.

Paul deLespinasse is a professor emeritus of political science at Adrian College, and believes a big reason for gridlock in Congress and state legislatures in this country is our primary system. 

Credit Ben+Sam / Flickr

deLespinasse, who now lives in Oregon, says the current primary system is flawed because politicians tend to either be polarizing to voters, or tend to flip-flop in an attempt at being more centered, resulting in calls of being unprincipled. deLespinasse says a top-two primary system would help moderate politicians, and reduce political conflict and polarization.