Police officer injured in suspected Flint terrorist attack honored in 4th of July parade | Michigan Radio

Police officer injured in suspected Flint terrorist attack honored in 4th of July parade

Jul 4, 2017

People along the parade route applauded Lt. Jeff Neville as he passed by during today's 4th of July parade in Fenton, MI
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Tomorrow, the man charged in a suspected terrorist attack at Flint’s airport will be back in court.    

Today, the police officer stabbed in the incident rode in a Fourth of July parade in Fenton.

Just behind a Lake Fenton church group and a boy scout troop, Lt. Jeff Neville rode in a SUV, waving to the crowds and giving a thumbs up. He rode as part of a float honoring fallen police officers.

Neville says he’s grateful for the support he’s received from the community since he suffered a 12-inch gash to his neck.

“People have sent just some really heart felt wishes,” says Neville. “It’s a great feeling.”

Lt. Jeff Neville is not sure how long he'll have to wait before doctors will remove the remaining stitches binding the wound to his neck
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Neville still bears the 12-inch scar on his neck where he was stabbed.  He was in critical condition when he arrived at Flint’s Hurley hospital minutes after the attack on June 21st.  Doctors say the knife passed just millimeters from main arteries and his windpipe.    Neville spent nearly a week recuperating at Flint’s Hurley hospital. He’s expected to take much of the rest of the summer recovering.  

Still Neville says his alleged attacker’s plan failed.

“He didn’t kill a cop on Ramadan. He didn’t get martyred by a cop. He picked a day when we were having a safety meeting within like 20 minutes and there were a ton of people coming there. And everybody was right there within feet where he attacked me,” says Neville. “He couldn’t have been in any worse shape as far as his plan.  I’m so glad.”

49-year-old Amor Ftouhi is due back in federal court in Flint tomorrow.   He’s charged with committing ‘violence in an international airport.’  It’s possible a federal grand jury could indict Ftouhi on additional charges.   

Ftouhi, who lives in Montreal and has dual Canadian and Tunisian citizenship, remains held without bond.