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The poor condition of Michigan's roads

Oct 27, 2014


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The candidates for governor agree something needs to be done about Michigan's crumbling roads.

In our recent conversation with MSU economist Charlie Ballard, he reminded us that we're going to pay for road repairs one way or another. Maybe higher taxes or, in Ballard's case, paying now, with blown tires and bent rims.

But, is there some kind of silver lining to the crummy roads? Maybe for local repair shops?

Rick Kilbourn owns 4th Street Auto Care in Royal Oak. He's been in business since the 1970's.

Kilbourn says many of his customers complain bitterly about the condition of Michigan’s roads. The main hazard facing Michigan drivers is the abundant potholes, which Kilbourn says were much bigger this year than previous years. Another issue facing drivers in the winter is the ice, and hitting curbs.

*Listen to Rick Kilbourn discuss road conditions above