Powdered alcohol likely to remain off Michigan store shelves | Michigan Radio

Powdered alcohol likely to remain off Michigan store shelves

Jun 22, 2015

The state Liquor Control Commission is unlikely to consider approving sales of powdered alcohol until after state lawmakers decide on a possible ban.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Federal regulators approved a dehydrated alcohol product earlier this year that could be sold in powdered form.  The powder could be rehydrated to create a six-ounce cocktail. 

There are concerns powdered alcohol could be abused by underage drinkers, mixed with other alcohol products to create a dangerous drink, or be able to be smuggled into places where alcohol is banned. 

Several states have already banned powdered alcohol sales. But Michigan lawmakers broke for their summer recess before approving a ban here.

Andy Deloney is the Michigan Liquor Control Commission chairman. He expects the commission will not act on powdered alcohol sales, until the Legislature has time to act.

“I would certainly be mindful of what the Legislature may or may not do if or when we are asked to make a decision on this,” says Deloney. 

Deloney says there has been no application to sell powdered alcohol filed with the commission.