Power company exec asks Democrats not to support 25 x 25

Sep 5, 2012

DTE Energy CEO Gerard Anderson asked Michigan delegates to the Democratic National Convention to oppose a state constitutional amendment increasing the use of renewable energy. The proposed so-called 25 by 25 amendment would mandate 25 percent of electricity come from renewable sources such as wind, solar, or bio-fuels by the year 2025. It will appear on the ballot in November.

Anderson says he’s not opposed to increasing the use of renewable energy, but it should be done through the legislature, not by amending the constitution.

“But when we start getting as specific as how much of a particular source of energy we want in our mix, it strikes me as an overreach.”

Anderson told the Democrats that mandate could cost billions of dollars and doesn’t allow for change if demand for electricity went down because of more economic hard times…

“…or if new technologies emerged that suggested a different energy policy might be wise, you have real difficulty adjusting because it’s locked into your Constitution.”

Environmentalists argue the so-called 25 by 25 amendment is important to reduce reliance on burning fossil fuels which contribute to climate change and they say voters should have a say in how ‘green’ Michigan’s energy will be.