President Clinton praises response to Paris terrorist attacks

Nov 18, 2015

Former President Bill Clinton praised the international response to last week’s terrorist attacks on Paris during a speech in East Lansing Wednesday night.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaking at Michigan State University
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Clinton was at Michigan State University to be honored for his lifetime of public service. But he also spoke about the need to defeat ISIS.

“I’m thrilled that the US, Russia and France (are engaging ISIS) … and I hope all of Europe will come along,” the former president told the MSU audience.

Clinton spoke not only about defeating ISIS, but coming up with a different model to replace it.

He says that in a changing world, the U.S. will need to "share the future" with others.

“We live in an interdependent world. Our borders look more like nets than walls,” says Clinton. “Technology is an unbelievable force for good … that can also be a force for destruction.”

Clinton was at MSU to receive the university's first Spartan Statesmanship Award for Distinguished Public Service.