Pro-marijuana group delivers signatures to put legalization on November ballot

Jun 1, 2016

Supporters of legalizing marijuana in Michigan dropped off more than 350,000 petition signatures at the Secretary of State’s office today. That would be enough to put the issue on the November ballot.  

But there is a question whether the signatures were gathered within the time allowed.

“Michigan law allows you to petition beyond 180 days,” says Jeffery Hank, executive director of MI Legalize. “The current law just deals with how do you verify those signatures that are beyond 180 days.  We believe we have done everything we could to try to do that.”

Hank says the campaign could take legal action if state election officials reject their petition.

A bill on the governor’s desk would put a firm limit of 180 days for collecting petition signatures.  The marijuana campaign has asked Governor Snyder to veto the bill.