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Professional guardian reacts to state's new elder abuse task force

Mar 26, 2019

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the creation of an Elder Abuse Task Force Monday. One issue they will tackle is reforms to the state's guardianship system.
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A professional guardian is reacting to Michigan's new task force for monitoring guardianship of vulnerable adults.

Georgia Callis is with the Michigan Guardianship Association. She told Stateside the MGA hopes to educate the task force on how valuable public guardians are to the state.

“I'm looking forward to educating the task force that the public guardian is the safety net; we're not the bad guy,” Callis said.

Caliss says guardianship companies in Michigan are closing at a rate of 10 per year. She says without those companies, Michigan would have to create its own public guardianship division.

Caliss says guardians care for about half of their clients without getting paid.

"We are saving the state of Michigan hundreds of millions of dollars, but we can't get anybody to hear that they need to help save what they already have for free," she said.

Caliss says the MGA represents 149 professional guardians in Michigan. She says that is down from 300 a decade ago.

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