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Progress Michigan releases more Bill Schuette emails

Aug 1, 2018

Credit Courtesy of Bill Schuette

A progressive watchdog group says the state attorney general has misused his office for political gain – and it has the emails to prove it.

Progress Michigan released a batch of emails Wednesday. They’re part of an ongoing lawsuit the group filed against Schuette.

Lonnie Scott is the executive director of Progress Michigan. He said they have hundreds of examples of state employees conducting political business for Schuette on state time. That includes an email that looks like Schuette planned to hold a meeting at a state office building about the then-upcoming Republican National Convention.

“Just to be clear, what the law says is that it’s illegal to conduct political activity on state time,” said Scott. “So it’s on the AG to prove that that’s not what’s taking place here, with every example we’re going to provide.”

Stu Sandler is with a political action group, Better Jobs Stronger Families, that supports Schuette. He said Progress Michigan sorted through eight years worth of emails from dozens of people.

“They’re cherry-picking 200 emails going through and saying, ‘Ah-ha! This person is doing this.’ Every state employee gets 60-90 minutes of personal time every single day,” he said. “They’re manipulating it, it’s wrong.”

A judge recently granted Schuette’s request to not have to turn over emails sent between his staff, himself, and political partners. But some people turned over emails before the judge said the subpoenas were not enforceable while he decides whether or not to dismiss the case.

A spokesperson for Schuette said Progress Michigan is playing political games a week ahead of the primary in order to try and change the outcome of the election. Schuette is a Republican candidate for governor.