Proposal to make marijuana possession law enforcement’s “lowest priority”

Aug 19, 2011

This fall voters in Kalamazoo could make going after marijuana users the "lowest priority" for law enforcement officials. The question will likely appear on the ballot this November.

If the proposed amendment to Kalamazoo’s city charter passes, public safety officials would treat people with an ounce of marijuana or less as their “lowest priority.” The change would only affect those 21 and older. It would still be illegal to drive under the influence or use marijuana in a public place.

Governor Rick Snyder is reviewing the proposal. His decision will come by the end of the month. Attorney General Bill Schutte recommended Governor Snyder not approve the proposal "because it is in violation of state  law and court precedent." Even if Snyder rejects the proposed amendment state law says it should still go before the city’s voters this November.

The group proposing the amendment says it will allow public safety officials to use their resources more effectively.