Protesters greet Donald Trump supporters in Michigan | Michigan Radio

Protesters greet Donald Trump supporters in Michigan

Aug 11, 2015

A small group of protesters is greeting people outside of tonight’s Donald Trump event in Birch Run, north of Flint.  

A protester stands outside the Birch Run Expo Center before Donald Trump's speech
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Trump is currently leading polls among Republican presidential candidates. Tonight’s event is sold out.

Sam McNerney says he’s protesting Trump’s comments about immigrants and women.

“I think his hate is very clear,” says McNerney. “And we want to make sure people know that we won’t stand for that. This state isn’t going to stand for that. Hopefully this country isn’t going to stand for that.”

Rosendo Rocha says he’s upset by Trump’s comments about Mexicans and veterans.

“Everybody enjoys entertainment. I would say and he’s doing his job that way. He didn’t get where he’s at by not being good at what he does,” says Rocha, “But being president, that’s a whole other skill set.”

The protesters drew jeers from many of the people attending tonight’s event.

Arnold Schulties pointed at a sign calling Donald Trump “Mr. Hate.”

“He don’t hate nobody. That’s just a lie,” says Schulties. “Let the guy talk.”