Protesters say Flint's mayor should resign before next month's election

Oct 5, 2015

Today was the last day for Flint residents to register to vote in next month’s mayoral election. 

A small band of protesters picketed in front of Flint city hall Monday. Among their demands, they want Mayor Dayne Walling to resign. The protesters say he's been lying about the safety of the city's water for more than a year.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

But some people in Flint don’t want to wait for a change at city hall.

Chanting “Walling gotta go,” a small group of protesters marched in a circle outside Flint city hall. 

Even though voters will decide in November who will serve as Flint’s mayor, many in the protest say they want Mayor Dayne Walling to resign now. 

Protester Lisia Williams accuses Walling of lying to Flint residents for more than a year about the safety of the city’s drinking water.

“We want the truth,” says Williams, “And if he’s not going to give us the truth, then he needs to leave.”

Walling issued a statement saying:

“I am working around the clock every day for the Flint community. This is a tough job that often comes with a lot of criticism but I will continue to lead the effort to fix the water problems, address violent crime, and improve our city.”

Walling is running for re-election against political newcomer Karen Weaver. 

The city’s water problems, from the high cost to high lead levels, have become the dominant issue in the campaign. 

Flint voters will decide who will sit in the mayor’s office for the next four years next month.