Read analysis and fact checks of the vice-presidential debate

Oct 4, 2016

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence are squared off in the vice-presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia on Tuesday, October 4.

It was the only vice-presidential debate before Election Day.

(By the way, you have until Tuesday, October 11 to register to vote if you haven't done so already. Find out how here.)

Whether you watched the debate on television, or listened on the radio, you can also see how our team of experts analyzed and fact-checked what the candidates said.

We analyzed the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You can read that analysis here.

The vice-presidential debate was annotated by NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more. Portions of the debate with the added analysis and fact checks are highlighted below.