Ready....Set.....SUMMER | Michigan Radio


May 27, 2011

More than a million Michiganders are expected to spend part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend travelling to popular tourism destinations.  But they are expected to watch their spending too.  

A AAA Michigan survey found Michiganders plan to spend about 14% less on things like food and other amenities during their Memorial Day holiday travels this year.  The main reason - 4 dollar a gallon gasoline.

That’s not good news to Brad Van Dommelen.   He’s the president of the Traverse City Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.   Still, Van Dommelen says summer hotel bookings are up.  

“What we’re seeing so far this year, is a continuation of consumer demand for travel and leisure enjoyment. While gas prices are a little higher this year, right now…that does not seem to be a significant factor so far for this year.”

Van Dommelen says he remains optimistic about this summer season. 

“It seems there still is a pent up demand to get out there and have some fun.”