Repaired oil pipeline undergoes test today

Aug 30, 2010

Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody reports "an oil pipeline that broke near Marshall last month is undergoing a critical pressure test today. Enbridge Energy is flooding the pipeline with water to see if it can withstand the pressure."

If it works, and government inspectors say it's o.k., the pipeline will be restarted.

About a million gallons of crude oil leaked from a broken Enbridge pipeline upriver of Kalamazoo. The clean-up is expected to continue for months.  The EPA has set up 34 "containment sites" along the Kalamazoo River and Talmadge Creek.  The last containment site is set up at end of Morrow Lake (the city of Kalamazoo is to the west of Morrow Lake).

The EPA has set up a website highlighting its response to the oil spill.