Report calls for action to reduce lead exposure | Michigan Radio

Report calls for action to reduce lead exposure

Sep 10, 2017

A new report calls for more aggressive action to reduce lead exposure, such as that seen in Flint children during the city’s water crisis.

The report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Pew Trust details 10 things that can be done to reduce children’s exposure to lead.

The recommendations include replacing lead pipes, cleaning up lead paint, reduce lead air emissions and improve testing of at-risk children.

Giridhar Mallya is a health policy expert.  He says it’s important to improve public access to lead data.

“So people can understand, whether they’re parents, physicians or local policymakers, how does the risk of lead exposure vary across our community and where should we target resources,” says Mallya.

Mallya says that’s a key missing piece that’s essential for communities to take action to limit lead exposure.