Report: Michigan's food and beverage businesses are hiring

Jun 5, 2012

A new study says the “Help Wanted” sign is out at Michigan’s food and beverage businesses.

The National Restaurant Association predicts food and beverage businesses will hire nearly a half million summer workers this year, the highest since 1993.    The association says more than 20 thousand of those jobs will be in Michigan.

Adriane De Cueninck is with the Michigan Restaurant Association.   She says she can’t speak directly to the national association’s summer jobs study.  But De Cueninck says Michigan’s restaurants are hiring, despite the recent glitches in the nation’s economy.

“They’re still hiring. They’re planning to hire for the summer,”  says De Cueninck, “They’re probably in the throes of it right now….getting things up to speed for their staffing. So we’re still seeing that are members are planning to hire.”

According to the national study New York, California, Massachusetts, Texas and New Jersey will add the most summer jobs in the food and beverage industry this summer.

If the projections hold up, hiring in the nation’s food and beverage industry will outpace the overall national employment rate for the 13th consecutive year.