Reports of classroom overcrowding in Detroit

Sep 16, 2010

Students are saying their classrooms are overcrowded this year. WDIV reports of some advanced placement classes with 60 students in them. 

It's like a race to get up there, and if you don't have a seat, you're just standing there for the whole hour. It's just tough. It's hard to see the board because everybody is in the way and I can't really focus on my work.

Says Mumford High School senior Glen Miller.

A Detroit Federation of Teachers representative said the problem is rampant throughout the district saying the district is short 300 teachers.

Emergency financial manager of the Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb, says there may be some overcrowding, but he's not aware of a classroom with 60 students in it.

The District has been trimming staff, services, and classroom offerings for the last several years. The District is trying to eliminate a deficit that runs in the hudreds of millions of dollars.