Republican party sweeps in Michigan's big races

Nov 3, 2010

Update 1:53am: The race in the 9th district has been called. Gary Peters (D) has defeated Rocky Raczkowski (R).

Update: 1:07am Waiting on one race in Michigan. The race for Michigan's 9th congressional district between Gary Peters (D) and Rocky Raczkowski (R) has yet to be called. So far, of the 15 Michigan congressional districts 9 have gone to republicans and 5 have gone to democrats.

Update 11:50pm: In his victory speech, Governor-elect Rick Snyder says tax cuts and smarter regulation will fix what's ailing Michigan:

Update 11:44pm: A closely watched congressional race has been called. In the 7th district, Republican Tim Walberg is heading back to Congress. He declared victory over Democrat Mark Schauer. Reporter Steve Carmody will file audio shortly. Here's the audio from Tim Walberg:

Update 11:37pm: It's confirmed Republicans have a supermajority in the Michigan Senate (26 seats out of 38) and a majority in the House (at least 57 seats maybe 61).

Update 11:17pm:  Republicans are headed for a supermajority. It looks like they'll have majorities in both the Michigan House and the Michigan Senate.


Republican Bill Schuette has won the race for Michigan Attorney General.

Republican Ruth Johnson has won the race for Secretary of State.

And Republican Rick Snyder is officially Michgan's Governor-elect.