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Republicans call for unity at convention – get a mixed bag

Aug 25, 2018

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The Michigan Republican party has it’s ticket finalized for the November election.

While multiple people called for unity…there is still some discontent within the party.

The theme was “Results Not Resistance.” The Michigan GOP has been somewhat fractured since the primary.

Governor Rick Snyder has yet to endorse gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette. That’s after a contentious primary battle between Schuette and Snyder’s Lieutenant Governor.

Snyder didn’t attend the convention – but Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley did attend. He called on the supporters of the losing candidates to support the G-O-P ticket.

“So as lovingly as I can, I just want to say this. I’m really going to need you to suck it up. Please,” Calley said.

Multiple people also booed and jeered Supreme Court nominee Elizabeth Clement for some decisions she’s made on recent cases, including siding with a majority to allow a redistricting proposal to go to the ballot.

Cass County Prosecutor Curtis Fitz nominated Clement.

“Over the past twenty years…folks…let’s listen about her record,” Fitz said over boos from the crowd.

Republicans chose current Speaker of the House Tom Leonard for Attorney General and Mary Treder Lang for Secretary of State.

Ron Weiser is the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. He says voters have a Republican ticket to be excited about.

“I think we have very good candidates, "Weiser said. "I think they’re experienced and I think working together as a group they will provide a great deal of opportunity for people to come to the Republican side of the ballot.”