Republicans gather for “Squash Amash” rally in Grand Rapids | Michigan Radio

Republicans gather for “Squash Amash” rally in Grand Rapids

Jun 14, 2019

Dozens of President Donald Trump supporters gathered for what they called a “Squash Amash” rally Friday. Republican U.S. Rep. Justin Amash has been under fire from his own party. 

That’s because of criticism he’s launched at President Donald Trump – including that Congress should start impeachment proceedings.

Republicans who support  Trump say they don’t like that Amash has been critical of the president.

Jan Weller was at the rally in Downtown Grand Rapids – just outside the federal building that houses Amash’s office. Weller says she’s voted for Amash in the past – but not anymore.

Peopled lined the sidewalk for the "Squash Amash" rally in downtown Grand Rapids.
Credit Cheyna Roth / Michigan Radio

“Fact I had a sign in my yard for Amash," Weller said. "Just feel betrayed that he’s going against what we all – and the district – what he stood for.”

But there was also a handful of people there to support Amash. Including Tom Horrigan – who lives in Grand Rapids and has voted for Amash.

“When you have a bad leader, you have to say no this person should not lead this organization," Horrigan said. "Donald Trump should not be leading this country.”

Amash is the first – and so far only – Republican to advocate for the start of impeachment proceedings against the president. Earlier this week, Amash stepped down from the conservative Freedom Caucus. Amash was a founding member of the roughly three-dozen far-right member group.