RNC partying winds down as Party business begins in Cleveland

Jul 17, 2016

Michigan’s Republican delegates get down to work Monday, after spending the weekend partying in Cleveland.

Cleveland has been rocking all weekend with Republican Party parties.

Michigan delegates spent part of Sunday at the House of Blues, a party hosted by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. But Calley says they’re ready to get started.

“We’re really excited about the energy in the room,” says Calley. “The delegation is ready for this convention to get inspired about this election season so we can win in November.”

Calley says presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, have the biggest jobs during the four-day convention.

“It’s really important for those nominees to give the type of speech that can bring it together,” says Calley.

Attorney General Bill Schuette will speak to the convention this afternoon.

After that there won’t be another Michigander in the RNC spotlight, until Kid Rock takes the stage at a concert at the end of the convention.