Salvaging homes and lives in Flint | Michigan Radio

Salvaging homes and lives in Flint

Aug 23, 2014

A non-profit group in Flint hopes salvaging parts of some of the city’s blighted homes will help salvage the lives of some of Flint’s most in-need residents.

Lynette Delgado handles some of the items volunteers removed from a blighted home.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Lynette Delgado is with the B-Light Restoration Center. She says they are working with private property owners to salvage bits and pieces of homes to be demolished. She says they’re training local homeless and other at-risk individuals to remove architectural features of blighted homes.

“Beautiful oak trim work, a staircase and bannister, French doors we were able to pull out of one home in particular that would have gone to a landfill,” says Delgado.

She sees it as turning a negative into a positive.

“On Pinterest or Etsy you’ll see all these beautiful things that people are paying good money for and can be custom made for them,” says Delgado. “And it’s just sad that they’re just filling landfills in our city because deconstruction is not something that’s taking place in Flint.”

Delgado hopes by salvaging blighted homes Flint’s most needy will learn skills that will help them overcome drug addiction and other issues.