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Same Same Different - The Miseducation of Black History

Jan 31, 2020

Who taught you black history? In some schools, black history is only taught during February, and is often treated like an elective rather than part of the standard curriculum.  

Same Same Different host and creator Bryce Huffman will host three live events around the state that will explore the importance of black history in America --- how it's being taught and its impact on black identity.  

At each event Bryce and his panel will be discussing these and other questions: What does it mean for our history to be an elective and not a standard course? How does that affect how we learn our own history? How does this shape our identity? Once we realize that it’s mostly taught as an elective, where do we go from there? 

Join Michigan Radio and Bryce Huffman on the following dates/times:

Sunday, February 23rd: Spread Art, Detroit, 6:00 PM - Register Here

Tuesday, February 25th: Opperman Auditorium, Mt. Pleasant, 7:00 PM - Register Here

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