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A scavenger hunt for free art in Detroit

Mar 1, 2012

If you’re in Detroit on a Friday keep your eye out for some free art. It might be hidden in a statue in front of the YMCA or tucked into a corner of the People Mover. 

The free art is actually part of a project called Free Art Friday Detroit. The idea is that Detroit artists hide their art around the city, and then leave clues on Facebook and Twitter. (The twitter hashtag is #FAFDET)

Sara Frey is the coordinator of the scavenger hunt, and she works for Skidmore Studios, a design company that's helping run the project.  She says it’s all about encouraging creativity, promoting individual artists, and giving people a reason to explore the city.

So far paintings, drawings, sculptures, and embroidered objects have been hidden at a YMCA, the Rosa Parks Transit Center, the historical museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Once someone finds the piece of art, it’s theirs to keep. Frey just asks that they post a note online saying the art has been found and has gone to a good home.