School funding overhaul could be on the way | Michigan Radio

School funding overhaul could be on the way

Jul 16, 2012

An overhaul of how Michigan pays for public schools could be on the way. Gov. Rick Snyder wants that to be a big part of his budget proposal in early 2013.  The governor has named Lansing attorney Richard McLellan to lead the process.
McLellan says the state’s funding system is overdue for a shakeup.

“This is a 1979 law. It’s quite out of date," he said. "It’s a school district-centric model that doesn’t necessarily provide the flexibility for parents and for students that people are now demanding."

McLellan says what people are demanding includes more online learning and the chance to take college classes or classes in other school districts. McLellen says the new system should also reward performance.

He says the plan cannot include vouchers for private school tuition because that’s prohibited by the Michigan Constitution.

Education interest groups have been invited to join an open meeting with McLellan and the rest of the governor’s workgroup in Lansing tomorrow.