Schuette, Whitmer spar in final gubernatorial debate | Michigan Radio

Schuette, Whitmer spar in final gubernatorial debate

Oct 24, 2018

Gretchen Whitmer and Bill Schuette

The second and final debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor aired Wednesday night.

Former state Senate Minority leader, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and state Attorney General, Republican Bill Schuette used the opportunity to reiterate their agendas for Michigan. They attacked each other’s records in their respective offices on issues like the environment and auto no fault insurance.

At times during the debate, the candidates also needled each other. Like when Whitmer accused Schuette of pivoting to the same talking points.

“Well, the attorney general has the same talking points for every question. You forgot to use the word extreme in that one, Bill,” said Whitmer.

Schuette continually said that Whitmer is the second coming of former Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm.

“That’s what’ll happen if Jennifer – er Gretchen Whitmer – it’s easy to get them confused,” said Schuette.

The evening ended with a question about our divided nation. Earlier in the day, it was revealed that pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democratic leaders – including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Whitmer said divisive rhetoric is part of the problem.

“My opponent stands here and calls me extreme. You know what I’m extreme on? I’m extreme on believing that we can do better in Michigan,” she said.

Schuette said people need to stop shouting at each other instead of having discussions. 

Election Day is November 6th.