Seeking change in Haiti: One student at a time

Apr 16, 2012

Today in our Seeking Change series, we have a story of a high school teacher who made an impression on one of her students. Then, that student made an impression on her.

Chris Trainor is a teacher at Saline High School. Last year, a former student named Jeremy Searls told her about the group he co-founded, “Poured Out.”  The group was installing water filtration systems in homes, schools, and churches in Haiti.

Trainor told her family about the group and her twelve year old son urged her to go and help the group in Haiti.

Now, Trainor is trying to help the young Haitian translators who worked with her group in Haiti attend college in the United States.

Listen to the interview!

According to Trainor, the mission trip was funded by her students, their parents, and the Saline High School (SHS) staff. Her involvement with Poured Out also inspired Jordan Magenta, a current student at SHS and Trainor's fundraising coordinator, to go to Haiti. The trip has impacted a local classroom as well. Trainor's daughter is a third grader in Tecumseh and her class had the opportunity to Skye with the kids at the Have Faith mission in Haiti. They exchanged interesting facts about their perspective cultures, sang songs, and asked each other questions. 
To get involved in Trainor's mission to bring these young men to Michigan for college, contact Chris Trainor at ctrain003@gmail.com.