“Shady ladies” celebrate emerging female authors in style

Aug 23, 2017

An engrossing book, delicious food, and sparkling conversation. Put all that together in Detroit and you've got the Shady Ladies Literary Society.

Group founder and Detroit-based writer Amy Haimerl, author of Detroit Hustle, and Ashley Shelby, whose novel South Pole Station will be featured at the society's upcoming meeting, joined Stateside on Wednesday.

Haimerl got the idea for the group on her own book tour, when she said she realized how difficult it is for emerging writers to spread their work. She wanted to do something different.

"As somebody who loves books, even I won't show up for an emerging writer sometimes," Haimerl said. "The dog's sick, the kids have done something, whatever happens. But I thought, I would come out for dinner in unique locations."

Each meeting offers female authors talking about their work, a gourmet meal and dessert, and custom cocktails tailored to each featured book.

"This multilayered experience is so wonderful," Shelby said. "As an author, to see my characters come to life in this way ... is so mindblowing."

For more details, listen to the full conversation above.

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