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The Silverdome will soon be no more

Dec 2, 2017

Soon to be a vacant lot
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

The Pontiac Silverdome will go out with a bang tomorrow as explosives begin the demolition of the former home of the Detroit Lions.

During its four decades of existence, the Silverdome was the home of Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons. The stadium played host to the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, mega rock concerts and Pope John Paul II.

But for more than a decade, the aging stadium has fallen victim to neglect and decay.

The city of Pontiac sold the stadium for less than $600,000.  However, plans to revive the stadium failed to materialize.

The implosion will only begin the task of leveling the 82,000-seat stadium.  Demolishing the Silverdome and removing the rubble is expected to take months to complete.

Officials expect once the Silverdome is no more, the 127-acre site will be primed for new development.