The six ballot proposals facing Michigan voters

Sep 26, 2012

Michigan voters will see six proposals on their ballots.

There is one referendum on a current law, and five proposed amendments to the Michigan State Constitution. 

See the links below for the proposals as they will appear on your ballot.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks as Michigan Radio will be providing detailed analysis of each proposal.


Proposal 1: The emergency manager law

This proposal offers voters a referendum on Michigan’s Public Act 4—the emergency manager law.

A “yes” vote reestablishes the law; a “no” vote removes it.

Proposed Amendments to the Michigan State Constitution:

Proposal 2: Collective bargaining

Proposal 3: 25 by ’25 renewable energy

Proposal 4: Home health care worker collective bargaining & registry

Proposal 5: Tax hike supermajority

Proposal 6: Future bridge and tunnel vote

- Jordan Wyant, Michigan Radio Newsroom