Is “sleek, modern streetcar” first step toward improving transit in Detroit?

May 12, 2017

The QLINE streetcar in Detroit officially launched service today. The QLINE runs along Woodward Avenue for 3.3 miles, basically connecting Midtown and Downtown.

Matt Cullen, CEO of the QLINE streetcar service, joined Stateside to talk about the launch and what expectations are for public transportation in Metro Detroit. 

"We're really excited about launching," Cullen said. "It's been terrific. We've had the opportunity to run tests for the last three months and for the most part it's gone very, very well. Part of it was just making sure that the car worked properly ... and a more significant part of it was just making sure people understood that the streetcar is out there now and that they need to kind of share the road and understand the way it will behave and how to share space with it." 

Listen to the full interview above to hear how they are going to define the success of the QLINE and what public transportation in Detroit could look like in the future. 

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