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Small businesses welcome carbon emission regulations

Jun 25, 2014

Support is growing within the small business community for tighter limits on carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change.

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That's according to research by the American Sustainable Business Council. One in five of the surveyed businesses said they had already been hurt by extreme weather events.

Many business owners say they've searched for their own ways to reduce energy costs to become more efficient.

David Levine is CEO of the council. He said small businesses want to see these changes implemented across the board.

"And the quickest way to be able to do that is by business partnering with government in order to push forward on some of the programs to create sort of a higher bar." 

Businesses report rising insurance premiums, disruptions to supply chains, and damage to infrastructure.

Guy Bazzani is a builder and developer in Grand Rapids. He said Michigan's high-carbon footprint is damaging climate and businesses.

"We need to make a change now," said Bazzani. "And it's not going to happen voluntarily. Let's face it, it hasn't happened yet so why would it be voluntary at this point."

Earlier this month the EPA announced a proposal that would require reduced carbon output by about 30% from 2012 levels.

– Reem Nasr, Michigan Radio Newsroom