Snyder makes public push for more road, infrastructure spending | Michigan Radio

Snyder makes public push for more road, infrastructure spending

Feb 8, 2018

Gov. Snyder wants the public to turn up the heat on state lawmakers over road funding.

At a Michigan Department of Transportation facility in Oakland County Thursday, Snyder said his push is partly about the entire 2019 budget he proposed this week. It has an additional $150 million for infrastructure projects.

But Snyder also wants to bring in another $175 million of what he calls some “one-time” supplemental money that’s already elsewhere in the budget to pay for some additional projects sooner.

Credit Sarah Cwiek / Michigan Radio

“Think about that. That’s a huge increase in a very short period of time, but it’s merited. We need to do more,” Snyder said.

“There are a number of projects we could pull forward into next year’s construction season, and we’re looking at some things we could even do this summer.”

Snyder says this would bring infrastructure funding levels up to what they’ll be in 2020. 

By state guidelines, about 60% of money for infrastructure projects goes to county road commissions and other local agencies for their projects.

For now, Snyder is encouraging people to contact state legislators and encourage them to support increased the increased infrastructure spending.

“I hope everyone calls their legislator,” he said. “We have an opportunity to move forward, to make smart investments in Michigan’s infrastructure, our roads and bridges, to help not just the state but our local partners. Let’s get this done.”