Snyder signs local wage preemption law

Jun 30, 2015

Credit Courtesy of Governor Snyder's office

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill that stops local governments from adopting their own ordinances that cover wages and working conditions.

The new law does not affect existing ordinances, but it does preempt nascent efforts to adopt local “living wage” and mandatory sick leave ordinances. In a written statement, Governor Snyder says it makes sense to ensure consistency in local ordinances that regulate jobs and employment.

“The bill continues ongoing work to bolster the state’s job creation climate by ensuring that regulations regarding employment matters are uniform across the state.” he says. “That’s more effective than a patchwork of varying local ordinances employers must navigate.

The measure was opposed by local officials and Democrats who say cities, townships, and counties should be allowed to set rules on working conditions in their communities. And they say it will make it more difficult to negotiate on tax breaks and economic development deals with businesses.