Snyder signs welfare drug testing bill into law

Dec 26, 2014

Credit Courtesy of Governor Snyder's office

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a measure to set up a three-county pilot project to try out suspicion-based drug testing of people who apply for welfare benefits.

Snyder says the testing would only occur in cases where there’s a reasonable suspicion of drug use. The governor says people who test positive the first time will be directed to a treatment program without losing benefits.

“If someone’s got a substance abuse problem, I want us to try to help them solve that substance abuse problem, and not just cut off their benefits,” he said. “If they continue to have substance problems and don’t solve their problem, that’s a different story.”

Under the project, people who test positive would be directed to a treatment program. He says people who continue to use illegal drugs could lose benefits.

The governor also signed a bill to expand Michigan’s film incentives.

He vetoed a bill to determine how Michigan would select delegates if a national convention is convened to draft a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.