Snyder tells farmers they're one of the keys to Michigan's future

Nov 30, 2010

Governor-elect Rick Snyder spoke to members of Michigan’s Farm Bureau Tuesday evening.

Snyder told the crowd he’s preparing to start Michigan’s era of innovation next month. “You’re on the forefront of that. People don’t understand how innovative you are and all the efforts you do. Whether it’s increasing yields or being more environmentally sound or all the great practices. ”

About 850 farmers are in Grand Rapids for a week-long agriculture conference. They applauded the promotion of the current deputy director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture Keith Creagh to the top post.

The Michigan Farm Bureau endorsed Snyder in his run for Governor. They say this year’s endorsement was unique because there was unanimous support from all 67 individual bureaus across the state.

Snyder says the best agriculture text book on the campaign trail was a pocket-sized version of the farm bureau’s policy handbook. “If you saw those commercials hopefully I am a good nerd. And when you’re a good nerd you have to have good material to learn from,” Snyder said.

Snyder asked for the farmers’ help in communicating those policies to the wave of incoming freshmen lawmakers. He says the state could learn a lot from the agriculture industry.