Snyder tours Detroit neighborhood, promotes new bridge crossing | Michigan Radio

Snyder tours Detroit neighborhood, promotes new bridge crossing

Jul 26, 2011

Governor Rick Snyder says a new bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor will benefit Michigan’s economy, but should also benefit the community that hosts it.

Snyder toured Detroit’s Delray neighborhood with community leaders today Tuesday. Delray is the proposed site of the New International Trade Crossing (NITC).

Snyder says the trade crossing would boost international trade and benefit the whole state—but it should also benefit Delray. He admits there’s still lots to be worked out, but says the tour is part of that larger process.

“There’s so many different dimensions to this. But it’s by having this open dialogue, with people from so many levels of government but remembering we’re talking about real people right here in this community…and how they can be part of that dialogue and discussion, and how we can benefit together.”

Detroit State Representative Rashida Tlaib accompanied Snyder. She says a new bridge crossing is a great opportunity for Delray, but only if the community can be a true part of the planning process.

“We have seen over and over again in the Delray community, and in the broader southwest Detroit community, development that has gone wrong. And actually has basically destroyed a neighborhood. And we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happened with the NITC.”

Tlaib says Snyder’s tour is part of “beginning a dialogue” she hopes will result in a concrete community benefits agreement with the bridge’s future operators.

Despite strong support from Snyder, everything about the NITC remains uncertain. It faces strong opposition from the company that owns the Ambassador Bridge, and some Republicans in the state legislature.